Fixed IP SIM Guide

Using the H685 with a Fixed IP SIM Card

if you have ordered a Fixed IP SIM card for use with your Proroute H685 router then the following guide shows you how to configure the APN settings to get your router connected.

Before you start please ensure that you have your Fixed IP SIM Card APN settings as these will be different to the standard APN settings used by the mobile networks.

Configuring Devices On The LAN

We presume that because you are using a Fixed IP SIM Card that you want to connect to devices on the LAN using port forwarding.

It is important that the IP address of your device is correctly configured.

For example, if you leave the router as then your devices on the LAN would need to be in the same subnet ie.

You also need to ensure that the default gateway is configured – if this is missing from your device, then port forwarding will not work.

A typical IP configuration for your device would look like the following:-

IP Address :

Subnet :

Default Gateway :


The IP address is the IP address of your device and the default gateway is the IP address of the router.


Please ensure you change your security settings especially if you are using the router with a Fixed IP SIM card with Public IP address.

There are three main settings you need to change.

  1. Web Admin user name and password
  2. SSH user name and password
  3. Guest Password

You can see where to find these in the video guide below.