Proroute H685 4G / 5G Routers


Industrial 4G / 5G Routers – Secure, reliable and compact M2M communications for remote access and monitoring.

The Proroute® H685® IoT M2M Routers are industrial Grade M2M 3G Routers and M2M 4G Routers providing the user with a reliable mobile broadband Internet connection for edge connectivity for IoT / M2M remote management and monitoring applications with the convenience of mobile connectivity.

Proroute H685 Features

– Industrial, robust construction
– Small and easy to install
– Ideal for remote unmanned applications
– Easy to set up and will work out of the box in simple installs i.e. internet access only.
– Supports external antennas so ideal for remote and low signal strength areas.
– Keep alive features utilising PING and SMS
– High Speed N Wireless and 802.11 b/g WiFi access for local connections
– Port forwarding facilities for efficient data transfer and connection to multiple devices as well as remote admin.
– Discrete and robust – does not look like an office product so less likely to be interfered with.
– Wide voltage range for industrial applications
– VPN and security functions of normal business router within a secure corporate network

The H685 router is available with wither an embedded 3G module or 4G module – click the links below to view the different specifications

  • Proroute H685 3G Router
  • Proroute H685 4G Router
  • Proroute H685 5G Router
The H685 router is available from Millbeck Communications Ltd and Proroute is a brand owned and operated by Millbeck Communications Ltd.

If you are intending to use this industrial grade, M2M 4G router for remote access and monitoring then we recommend the use of a Fixed IP SIM card.  This will give your router a fixed IP address so the router can be communicated with and then use port forwarding to communicate with the devices on the LAN.  The Proroute H685-T (the 4G version of this router) is very popular for providing a 4G CCTV internet access solution for Hikvision CCTV NVR devices.  The router and a 4G fixed IP SIM card are quickly configured to allow remote access to your CCTV NVR.