Router does not connect after changing SIM.

My H685 router does not connect to the Internet after swapping SIM.

If your H685 router has been working without issues and you decide to swap to a new SIM card and it no longer connects to the 3G/4G network there could be several reasons for this.

  1. You did not power off the router before removing the old SIM card and inserting the new SIM Card (assuming SIM is on same network and uses same APN settings)
  2. Was the SIM card inserted correctly and the SIM holder pushed down and slid into the lock position (of course with power off)?
  3. If you are changing mobile network provider did you change the APN settings to the correct ones provided to your by your SIM provider?
  4. The same rule applies for Fixed IP SIM Cards – did you ensure that you entered the correct APN settings provided to you by your SIM provider?
  5. Is the SIM card live? – some SIM providers will deliver a SIM card that appears to be live, but is not yet activated on the network, this is especially true of Fixed IP SIM Cards which may have a 1 or 2 day delay between receiving the SIM and being active on the Fixed IP SIM Network.
  6. If you are using the correct APN settings and the SIM is confirmed live, did you use the correct authentication method ie. PAP/CHAP?


If you have checked all of these and the router does still not connect, but was working prior to changing SIM card then in most cases it is due to an incorrect APN setting and you should check with your SIM provider – in most cases they will be able to check their network and see of the router/SIM are attempting to connect and they will be able to see the reason why they are rejecting the connection which may be an incorrect APN, user name or password or may be the authentication method used – you may have set authentication to CHAP instead of PAP for example

if your SIM provider cannot see the router/SIM attempting to connect and they confirm it is live on their network then you will need to take screen shots of the following pages and email them to

  1. Main Status Page
  2. APN Settings Page

You will also need to go to the system log and copy and paste this into the body of your email.

To take a screen shot you can press ALT and PRINT SCREEN and then just PASTE this into the body of your email.