Bonded 5G

Creating a bonded 5G Internet connection using the Proroute H685 is not something that you can do just bu connecting a couple of 5G routers together.  You would need an SD-WAN box into which you will connect two or three H685 5G Routers and the SD WAN service would provide the bonding for the multiple 5G connections and deliver a single high speed 5G internet service.

SD WAN PRO is the ideal solution for a high speed, bonded 5G Internet connection.  It comprises the SDWANPRO device which lets you connect multiple internet devices.  If you just wanted a bonded 5G router solution then you could connect 2 or 3 H685 5G Routers into the SD-WAN PRo device and then the SDWANPRO service wouyld bond them together in the cloud and deliver a single, high speed 5G Internet service, with a single IPv4 IP address providing the ultimate, high speed 5G Internet solution.  The added benefit of the SD WAN PRO service is that it provides a built-in 5G backup / 5G failover solution because if one of the routers /5G connections goes offline, the SD WAN PRO solution carries on using the remaining 5G routers until the failed 5G connection is back online.